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Getting to the K38 neighborhood is a short 30-­ 40 minute drive from the San Diego border and is probably the easiest and most convenient way to get here. Cross the border into Mexico from I-­5 or I­-805 and once you are inside the border get in the far right lane. Follow the signs to Rosarito and Ensenada. You will drive over a bridge and merge onto the road that parallels the border fence.


After merging with the main road it parallels the border for about two miles, then heads up and down a steep hill where you will be alerted to exit to the right. After exiting to the right, safely move to the left lane. Follow the signs to the Toll Road/Rosarito/Ensenada. Keep in the left lane to avoid the exit into Tijuana Playas. Two miles later you will pass through the toll gate. Tolls are around $2.50 and the toll areas all have clean restrooms.


Rosarito is located about 10 miles down the toll road.


There are four exits into Rosarito. Take the last exit just before the second toll gate, 20 miles from the border. There is a sign there that reads, "La Paloma, Popotla, Calafia, Las Rocas."


Note: If you miss the last Rosarito exit for the free road (and it is easy to miss, so watch carefully); at the second toll gate, there is a Pemex gas station and a 7-­11 Mini Market. It looks identical to the ones in the U.S. (and sells the same kind of stuff). You can drive through its parking lot (without having to pay another toll) to the free road from there. Make a left turn on the free road to Campo Rodriguez.

(If you miss the exit and go through the second toll gate, drive to the next exit south. This exit will read "Puerto Nuevo." Get off the toll road here. Turn right at the intersection to take the free road heading north to Rosarito.)


Once you pass Foxploration (Fox Studios) on your right you're about a mile away. You will also see a giant statue of Jesus on your left when you get close to the property. Campo Rodriguez is located between Las Rocas Resort and Spa and Club Marena condominiums. Once you past Las Rocas Resort and Spa, you will drive over a bridge (see photo 1). Immediatley after the bridge, you will see a large Tecate beer sign next to a convenience store  (see photo 2). Make a right turn immediately onto the dirt path right before that sign. At that point, you will see the gated entrance to Campo Rodriguez (see photo 3). If you drive past Club Marena, you have gone too far, make a U­turn and get back to the bridge.


If driving, please purchase Mexican auto insurance. You can purchase online here or purchase at the border: http://www.bajabound.com/


You can read more about driving across the border into Mexico:



See the video below for exact directions to the house. 


House 3

House 10

House 9a

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